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Dancing while seated
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Dancing sitting

"Dancing in the seats - is that possible?" So I am often asked. That's fine! And it is cheerful, communicative and healthy!

Dancing in the seats is a little gym with lilting music. It helps to maintain range of motion in, the coordination of movements, trains the ability to concentrate and trains the memory. And it's really fun!

For more than 3 years, the group meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. .

The age range of the dancers ranges from 60 to 80 years. And although the participants have to travel long distances mainly, they come in so far as it is possible for them regularly and gladly. Each dance lesson has a particular focus, for example, "The spring". For each issue I design a ground picture that underscores the theme. With a common blessing song we say goodbye to one another and pray to God for preservation until the next time.

Cordially I invite, once reinzuschauen 'and learn to dance while sitting!

Maybe it's something for you!

By the way: You must not be perfect - The most important thing is to be together happily!

Contact: Eveline Hbner
Tageslosung¹ für Donnerstag, den 24. Mai 2018

Wohl dem, dem die Übertretungen vergeben sind, dem die Sünde bedeckt ist!
(Psalm 32,1)

Ihre vielen Sünden sind vergeben, denn sie hat viel geliebt; wem aber wenig vergeben wird, der liebt wenig.
(Lukas 7,47)

¹ © Evang. Brüder-Unität, Herrnhuter Losungen

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