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Breaking through the barriers that limit us

Welcome to the homepage of the youth group in the EFG-Tempelhof

However you have come across our homepage thanks for having you here. Now we want to invite you to our next youth group get-together. We meet every Friday except on school holidays at 18 oclock and we would like to get to know you.

About us:
We are a colorful bunch of people, who are thirteen and older. As long as you feel young enough feel free to visit us. Anyway, you are more than welcome.
In our group you will find very different stages of life, life styles and life goals. There are pupils, students, trainees or employees.
We are teens and young adults from many different homelands (Germany, South-Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia, etc.) speaking various languages (German, English, French, Korean, Kurdish, Arabic, Russian, etc.).

But we have something in common:
We are interested in good community. We love discussing, analyzing, reflecting and to exchange our whishes and problems. We are honest, open minded, respecting, caring and learn from each other. Here you will find a good mix of smalltalk, casual conversation and deeper debates.

Oh - and we like good food! The most interesting conversations arise while we cook and eat together.

Of course we do not forget to play games and having fun. Our games include action games, role-play games and parlor games.

Everything we experience together we also do with God & Jesus.
We pray to them, sing for them and learn about them.
To wrap it up, please come visit us.

Next youth group meetings.

youth group team : E-Mail
Tageslosung¹ für Dienstag, den 11. August 2020

Die Gerechten freuen sich und sind fröhlich vor Gott und freuen sich von Herzen.
(Psalm 68,4)

Freuet euch in dem Herrn allewege, und abermals sage ich: Freuet euch!
(Philipper 4,4)

¹ © Evang. Brüder-Unität, Herrnhuter Losungen

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